CPON is a leading provider of Telecom and Smart solutions. With integrated solutions across four key domains – Telecom Network, WLAN, Telecom Power, Data Center, IoT and Terminals, we are committed to bridge the worldwide Telecom Operators and ICT customers to the most advanced and cost-effective solution. 

Our Unique Value
Design and Consulting

    Our team is experienced in the industry, with strong pre-sales consulting, program integration design capabilities. Be able to provide customers with solution design assistance in the project, integrate all the latest technologies, avoid problems in future project deployment in the project.

Customization and Integration

    We believe that as new technologies in the telecommunications and ICT industries are developing quickly, new demands and diverse technologies require us to provide customized products to our customers. CPON is committed to providing customized products that match the requirement of customers precisely.

    We are able to offer End to End solutions in large projects. At the same time, because of our flexible business model, we can help customers integrate various other brand solutions. To achieve the real project needs of the overall solution.

Localization and Customer Oriented

    We believe in the telecommunications and ICT sectors that require localized sales and operations. Our pre-sales and after-sales teams are committed to communicating with you in the local language, your way of thinking and technical habits of your local country.

    Our company's organizational structure is flat, and we strive to achieve the most value through flexible organization, customer-oriented service, flexible response to customers. Help customers achieve maximum value

End to End and Pre-Integration

    In the field of product development, we insist on providing end-to-end products for telecom and ICT customers in order to achieve one-stop procurement of the project. At the same time, we adhere to the concept of Pre-Integration. In many product developments, we implement pre-integration in the factory as much as possible to minimize the complexity of the customer in actual deployment.

    For the past 8 years we have maintained an unwavering focus on Telecom and ICT area. We concentrate our efforts and invest patiently to our unique key values. This strategic focus is a reflection of our core values. We believe with our effort , we will become your bridge to the latest technologies.

Serving Population  
Serving Countries and Regions
Employee Average Experience in Industry
10 Years
200 Million