One Stop Video Surveillance Backhaul Solution

    With the large-scale deployment of smart city solutions and security solutions, there are many problems that are difficult to solve in the deployment of video surveillance networks. Power grid acquisition, power backup, outdoor environment protection, lightning protection, temperature control, system monitoring and operation, anti-theft and other issues have increased the difficulty of video surveillance network deployment, resulting in increased operation and maintenance cost .

    CPON has released One Stop Video Surveillance Backhaul Solution, which solves the problems in video surveillance backhaul through pre-integration, customization and modularization, and helps customers adapt to the deployment of various scenarios. The solution includes multiple modules such as power supply, backup power, lightning protection, protection, environmental control, monitoring, and return. Integrated solutions help customers deploy quickly and reduce OPEX

Complex Video Surveillance Deloyment inreases OPEX

CPON Solution Helps reduce OPEX

Comprehensive Functions to Adapt Different Scenarios

Comprehensive OAM Functions to Reduce OPEX

Abundant VPN Features for Private IP Network Deployment