With the popularity of public clouds and the cloudization of infrastructure such as data centers, enterprise solutions are evolving toward a cloud-based architecture. The enterprise WAN access stays in a closed, inflexible state. The traditional enterprise WAN network interconnection is based on the operator's MPLS VPN line. However, this traditional deployment method is expensive, and the operator's deployment and maintenance costs are high. In addition, the business cycle is long, and service support is difficult, especially in remote areas. As a result, companies have to pay high costs, and operators are suffering from a very high OPEX. Traditional WAN leased lines are increasingly unable to meet the needs of enterprise customers and operators. Based on the above challenges, CPON has released an SD-WAN solution that provides enterprises with more flexible and low-cost access methods. It also provides operators with a widely distributed, centralized control network maintenance mode, which greatly reduces the OPEX of operators.