Enterprise IP Access Solution 

Cost effective enterprise access solution helps TIGO improves the rural area network TCO    

Connected Bus Solution

Free WIFI gives the public a better ICT experience. Media, advertising, content helps Altice with IoT transformation. Real time GPS , scheduling helps government  improves the operation efficiency.

Smart Retail Solution 

Smart retail has opened the IoT transformation of Claro.

Carrier Grade 100G Transceivers

TIGO requires cost-effective, reliable and fast delivery 100G transceivers for their regional backbone, CPON 100G carrier grade products speed up project delivery and improves TCO.

One Stop Video Surveillance Backhaul Solution

Pre-Integration, customization helps Digicel meet the project requirements and speed up the delivery.

We are proud to offer telecom and ICT solutions to more than 25 carriers and customers in 21 countries around the world.

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