WTTX Solution

    WTTx uses wireless to provide fibre-like broadband access for household. WTTx (4G) provides fast access to home broadband markets over existing LTE networks, enabling operators to quickly launch home broadband services, and greatly improving ROI by finding the right synergy between WTTx and FTTx.

    Research Company Ovum predicts that by 2020, WTTx services have the potential to reach almost 350 million homes worldwide and has the most potential to increase fixed broadband market penetration in emerging markets.

    Leveraging nationwide coverage of LTE networks, advanced LTE features like Massive MIMO, and high-performance outdoor CPE, WTTx is one of the most feasible and fastest solution not only to drive business growth for operators, but also to minimize the digital divide and provide broadband services for more people in the world.

    CPON WTTx solution allows wide network coverage and fast deployment by leveraging existing infrastructure, helping operators to shorten their network deployment time and reduce network construction costs. End users can enjoy a range of high-speed broadband services by simply switching on a plug and play modem.